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You and your teachers were truly amazing and gave Maria most happiness in recent years. Her week was from Wednesday to Wednesday, from class to class. She loved you ALL: dancers, teachers and you Sarah. You all brought joy to her life and I am so grateful for that. She will dance with angels now, but will look over all of you - who gave her smiles, respect and love.

Monika (Daughter of student)

Sarah and her team of professional dancers are sold on the program and committed to its success. They share her vision of bringing dance to the Parkinson's patient. They know us by first name, they give where necessary, individual attention (recognizing our individual needs and strengths). They are creative in developing new dance routines that use our experiences and exploit our progress to date. They recognize our fears, and praise our accomplishments. They build us up.

I look forward in each class to helping the newcomers to want to return next week. One thing that I can do , that neither Sarah nor any member of her team can do is to share personal experiences - frustrations, triumphs, hopes and dreams. I've been there.

We all look forward d to seeing each other once a week. Parkinson's tries to pin us down, to discourage us in out daily routines and our social interactions. DWP pulls us together for happy moments.

Allan Sherk (Student)

Why do I Dance with Parkinson's or rather why do I continue to dance with Parkinson's?

It's not because " Exercise is good for me" or " If I don't use it I lose it". I do it because it's FUN and exciting as compared to other exercise groups. Sarah has come up with a great concept to help those of us with different stages of Parkinson's, which is interesting and enjoyable for all.

Sarah breathes excitment into the class with her vivacious personality and is ably assisted by a fascinating group of young dancers who help with the weekly sessions. These young ladies are most helpful and attentive to those with special needs or those requiring a liitle extra help.

DWP is an enjoyable event to look forward to each week...... by the end of the day we are all ready to sing "One Singular Sensation" and step off into "The Chorus Line" !!

Graeme Haill (Student)

I was so moved with what I witnessed in the class. To be honest, I was in tears when I saw the students improvised. Their eyes and souls were all so alive and lit up. And all through that hour, I was in awe watching my mother moving and dancing. I have to hold myself up not to show tears of joy. I remember, years ago, when she travelled by herself to see me dance in New York. The usher at the Neil Simon Theatre told me that she cried through the show. So now it is my turn to understand the effect through this experience of watching someone you love to be transformed with dance. I am grateful and touched. Thank you.

William Yong (Son of student)

DWP makes me feel good, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Its effects don't last just for the hour; the energy produced by the class continues for the rest of the day. There's a spiritual element to it that I don't get in any other part of my life. I'm glad that this class is there for me and the other dancers. I enjoy meeting and watching them and hearing about their experiences with Parkinson's. In many of the people, I see improvements after each class, as well as over the series of classes. Sarah Robichaud is an unusually inspiring guide and teacher and I am grateful to her for opening doors for me and other people with Parkinson's.

Robert Garrison (Student)

There are several reasons that I enjoy participating in the Dancing With Parkinson's program. I truly believe that the brain can be changed by doing new activities. Dancing requires concentration and coordination, which I am certain are helping my brain. My neurologist is very pleased with my stable condition and says to keep up the exercise, including DWP. They are just as important as my medications, in his opinion.

Secondly, I enjoy meeting the other PD patients. DWP provides a support group atmosphere, even though that was not the original intention of the program.

Finally, the instructors and volunteers are all wonderful people. They always make me feel uplifted after the class.

John Walmsley (Student)