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Toronto Parkinsons Disease Charity

Dancing With Parkinson’s (DWP) is a registered Canadian charity offering dance classes in multiple locations. DWP currently creates and delivers dance therapy and movement classes for adults living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Dancing With Parkinson’s (DWP) provides dance classes that help increase the participant’s awareness and control of his/her movements while the atmosphere fosters positive interactions between dancer-participants.

DWP was founded in Toronto in the Spring of 2007 by dancer and fitness expert, Sarah Robichaud. Ms. Robichaud was inspired by the Mark Morris Dance Group which offered a class for people afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease. Sarah visited their studios in New York City to learn first hand about the revolutionary classes, and upon her Return to Toronto, she began offering classes in Toronto, Ontario to assist people who suffer with this disease.

It is estimated that at least 3,750 people in the Greater Toronto Area suffer from Parkinson’s disease, and DWP’s mission is to enhance the mental and physical health and social well-being of adults affected by Parkinson’s Disease (PD) through a specially-created dance therapy and movement program specifically designed to enhance and improve participants’ physical activities.