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dwp fundraiser

DWP 2015 FUNDRAISER: Gotta Dance

dwp sponsors

Dancing With Parkinson’s would like to thank the following businesses and people for contributing to our live and silent auctions. We couldn’t do it without your support.

Special thanks to:
DWP Quilt Makers, Mike Ward, Warner Music, Steve Brunt, The AGO, Nancy Friedland, Fortelli Salon, Christopher Murray Hair, le Select, Ticketmaster, Genuine Health, Clementine Fields, Kiska Textiles, George Pimentel, Hilton Hotels, Dance Teq, Matt Dusk, Mereadesso, Spinal Joint Clinic, David Miller for his soccer tickets, Naquib Kerba’s Algonquin Photo Safari, Dr. Flavia Gruesc, Yvonne Bambrick, Urban Cycling Tour, Llara Eben, System Fitness, One Step Mobility Clinic, Devil’s Workshop, TSO, Yolande Grossman, Judy  Godfrey, Sivinanda Yoga, The Blue Jays, Big Stuff, Dance Teq, Pi’lo, Steps Dance Studio, CW Dance Shoes, Rachael Mather, Sara Angel, Michael Angel, Andy Barrie, Tess Mclean, Vanessa Harwood, Bob Davis, Pat Irwin, Malcolm Lester and Alessandra Goulet.