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Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) is a Toronto based dance class where those with Parkinson's Disease can explore the potential of their own movement through choreography and improvisation.

DWP has the unique privilege of live musical accompaniment for each class. The live music enables a broad range of tempos and styles for each piece of choreography helping to transport bodies and spirits in a joyful, safe environment.

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DWP currently runs a number of classes for Parkinson's Disease dancers in the Toronto area. For a full listing including date, time and location, please visit our Contact page. We now also offer LIVE STREAMED DWP classes.

Director Sarah Robichaud is assisted by professional dancers who teach simple, fun choreography to get the body moving in a way that feels good.

The elements we work on in the class through dance are:
  • increasing range of motion
  • core strength
  • balance
  • posture and gracefulness.

Each Parkinson's Disease dancer works at his/her own potential for that day and exercises will be modified to suit each individual's level of comfort and ability.